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The Warner Bros. Studio Facilities (WBSF) Safety and Environmental Guidelines were prepared as part of the WBSF Operational Handbook. For a printable version of the Guidelines click here. (24 pages.)
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The Department of Safety & Environmental Affairs (S&EA)
Department Description/Map

Safety Department Contact List

Safety Website

Safety & Environmental Guidelines


10 Important Points

When to Call WB Safety

Safety Training

Production Start-Up Guidelines
Pre-Production Safety Orientation Meeting

Orienting Your Employees to Safety

Inspection Procedures for OSHA and Other Regulatory Agencies

Soundstage Floors, Trusses and Electrical

Soundstage Floor Loading

Roof Truss and Permanent Loading

Electrical Warning

Set Construction Safety
Specialized Safety Equipment/Personal Protective Equipment

Fall Protection

Managing Chemical-Containing Products

General Purchasing Practices

Paint and Painting Materials

Compressed Gases

Construction Subcontractors

Special Effects and Environmental Considerations

Hazardous Material

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Occupational Health

Waste Paint and Recyclable Paint Disposal

Waste Paint Consolidation and Labeling
Accumulation Limits
Waste Paint Drop-Off Procedures (On-Lot)
Waste Paint Disposal Procedures (Off-Lot)
Guidelines for Shipping Dangerous Goods
General Warnings and Notifications
Proposition 65 Warning
Asbestos Notification
Air Quality

Visible Emissions

Portable Generators

Coatings, Paint and Other Paint-Related Materials

Water Quality

Discharging Stage Pools and Lagoons

Storm Drains

Sinks, Toilets and Sumps

Crafts Services Food Guidelines for Production

Safety Bulletin #32 - Guidelines for Food Services Providers and Craft Services

Safety Bulletin #32A - Addendum "A" to Guidelines, Los Angeles County Health Advisory