Confined Space - Entry/Exit Preparations

It takes knowledge, practice, and being familiar with the necessary PPE in order to properly perform an entry/exit procedure in a permit space.

All of this practice and PPE information is being provided to keep you and your co-workers safe.

What should I do?

OSHA regulations say that before you are required to enter into permit-required confined spaces you must be instructed on:

         The nature of the hazards you might run into, and the symptoms which you will notice if you are exposed to any hazards;

         How to use protective equipment to protect yourself from those hazards;

         How to communicate with the attendant in case you need to summon help or the attendant needs to warn you of hazards.

You are required to leave the permit space:

         If you recognize any warning sign or symptoms of exposure to a dangerous situation;

         If you recognize a prohibited condition;

If an order is given by the attendant or the entry supervisor; or

         If an evacuation alarm is activated.

The employer must also provide a means of communication between the entrant and the attendant.

Entry attendant

If you are acting as the attendant, part of your job is to monitor the entrants for symptoms of exposure to hazards. If entrants act as if they are being exposed to hazards, do not attempt a rescue unless you have:

         Been trained as an authorized entrant; and

         You have the proper protective equipment available and understand it use; and

         Someone has relieved you of your attendant duties prior to your entry.