Scaffolds Are For Safety

Scarcely a day passes that we don't read of or hear about someone being injured or killed in a scaffold fall.  Faulty design and inadequate construction are sometimes involved but, in most cases, scaffold accidents are caused by careless maintenance and improper use.  Help keep your scaffolds safe by observing these simple procedures:

.    Inspect scaffolds daily prior to use, particularly guardrails, connectors, fastenings, footings, tie-ins, and bracing.

.    Keep platform closely boarded.  The space between scaffold planks should not exceed a half inch.

.    Keep platforms fenced and securely fastened.  Tube and frame scaffolds must be tied to the permanent structure at intervals of 30 feet horizontally and 26 feet vertically.

.    Don't stockpile materials on scaffolds; remove all materials at the end of the day.

.    Never overload scaffolds.  Pile materials being worked over ledger and bearer points to minimize platform loading.

.    Don't work on scaffolds during storms or high winds, and clear platforms of all ice and snow before using.  Sand wet platforms to prevent slipping.

.    Protect scaffolds.  Don't bump or strike against scaffolds with vehicles or materials.  Control hoisted material from the ground with taglines.

.    Prior to moving portable scaffolds, make sure platform planks are securely fastened or remove them.

.         Keep platforms and the area around scaffolds cleared of debris, unneeded equipment, material, and other hazards that will cause you to trip or fall.