Special Instructions for Motion Picture Industry

Modification of the Approved Models for use by attachment of lights, light-mounting hardware and camera-mounting hardware to the platform guardrail is authorized by Genie Industries only if the following requirements are strictly followed.

(Note: JLG Industries PROHIBITS the attachment of difusers to their lifts.)

  1. Operators must be members of IATSE Local #728 Set Lighting Technicians Union or Local #80 Studio Grips Union.
  2. Operators must have received training equivalent to that offered by IATSE Local #728 or Local #80 for the attachment of lighting equipment, light diffusion frames (LDFs) or camera equipment to the platform guardrail.  Training must include, but not be limited to, information regarding the effect on platform capacity and stability resulting from the attachment of equipment to the platform guardrail or to the boom of the aerial lift, and hazards associated with this application.
  3. All operating instructions and warnings contained in the Operator's Manual, Safety Manual and Manual of Responsibilities, and on decals found on the particular Genie aerial lift must be followed.
  4. The aerial lift must be operated only on a firm level surface.
  5. Operators must be trained and able to demonstrate proficiency in the operation of the specific model of Genie aerial lift being operated.
  6. Genie booms are not insulated.  Precautions shall be taken to protect the operator and people on the ground from electrocution hazards.  The attachment of power supply cables to the boom shall not restrict the movement of the aerial lift or endanger the operator or people on the ground.
  7. Attachment of power supply cables to the boom, and attachment of LDFs and other rigging equipment to the platform shall be accomplished in a manner that does not cause a tip-over hazard due to a side or vertical force that could result in the machine becoming unstable.
  8. Power supply cables must be attached to the end of each boom section in a manner that ensures the cable cannot be damaged from tensioning, pinching or crushing when the boom is operated.
  9. Do not alter the guard rail system by drilling, welding, crushing, damaging or making any modifications that compromise the strength of the guard rail when attaching movie production equipment.
  10. The entrance to the platform, the platform controls, including the foot switch and the emergency stop button, the lanyard anchorage points, the platform decals and instruction container must remain accessible when the movie production equipment is attached to the platform.
  11. Operators must not gain access to or vacate the platform by means of walking or climbing on the boom or lift structure or by attaching a rope or a hanging ladder from the platform or its supporting structure.  Access to and exit from the platform shall be accomplished at ground level only.
  12. The combined weight of lighting or camera equipment, power supply cables, mounting hardware, platform attachments, platform occupant(s), tools and equipment must in all cases remain less than the maximum rated platform capacity.  Use the platform capacity reduction chart found in the Operator's Manual Supplement to determine allowable platform load.
  13. The number and size of attachments must be limited by consideration of the maximum allowable wind speed and the surface area of platform attachments.  Use the wind speed chart found in the Operator's Manual Supplement to determine maximum allowable wind speed.
  14. Information regarding the attachment of lighting and camera equipment shall be supplied only to trained union members.  Operators must be familiar with these supplemental instructions and warnings before they are allowed to operate any Genie boom that is approved for this application.
  15. To Avoid Tip Over Hazard, follow the instructions in  the Maximum Load Rating Chart for Material Lifting Applications supplement to the Operator's Manual of the Genie model you are using.  (To determine boom extension: when the boom is lowered, measure from the lower outside edge of the platform to the center line of the turntable bearing.)
  16. Never use aerial lifts in tandem for lifting trusses.