1. Report accidents immediately to your leadman, foreman or supervisor and follow instructions given to you when you are referred for medical treatment for any injury. All injuries must be reported the same day.
  2. Always wear appropriate clothing and work boots.  Do not wear loose or frayed clothing, long hair, rings, etc., near machinery and other sources of entanglement.
  3. Use only equipment you are familiar with and authorized to operate. Always get instructions on the proper methods of operation before you start work on new or unfamiliar machines.
  4. Maintain all tools and equipment in good condition.  Defective tools or equipment should be tagged "Defective" and removed from service.
  5. Safeguard against accidental startup of all tools and equipment prior to maintenance, repair, or adjustment. (see Lockout/Tagout CSP)
  6. Wear safety glasses whenever using grinding equipment, table saws, wire brushes, or similar equipment even if you're making just one cut.
  7. Good housekeeping should be maintained at all times.  Walkways and work areas are to be kept clear of materials, trash and debris.
  8. Electrical cables should not be placed where they will constitute a tripping hazard.
  9. See to it that all safety guards and other protective devices are properly adjusted and remain in place.  Report any deficiencies to your supervisor.
  10. Use the appropriate tools for the job.
  11. Operate condors, scissor lifts, etc, only if you have been trained and authorized to do so. Always wear a safety harness when operating aerial lifts.
  12. Always use condors, scissor lifts and forklifts as the manufacturers intended.  Do not overload, tower, use in place of a crane, etc.
  13. See to it that adequate fall protection devices (i.e. guardrails, covers, personal fall arrest systems, barricades) are provided wherever employees may fall more than 6 feet such as excavations, trenches, pits and floor openings.
  14. Always check to see that the area below is clear of personnel when working with overhead loads.
  15. Lift and handle all material properly and with careful attention to the job.
  16. Properly maintain all ladders, scaffolds, working platforms and walkways, and always use them in a safe manner.  Keep access areas and walkways clear of material and debris.
  17. Always report unsafe conditions or accidents to your supervisor. or to the Anonymous Safety Hotline (on Lot x4-2800; off Lot 818-954-2800).