Codes of Safe Practices



  1. Prior to adjusting racks, inspect pipe sections to determine if each coupling is secure and all hardware is present.
  2. Measure and mark placement of pipe height
  3. The supervisor should assess the weight to determine if adequate manpower is present. Manageable pipe relocation should have an adequate number of employees spaced an equal distance apart.
  4. See to it that proper tools are available before repositioning the racks.
  5. A supervisor should be present to act as a spotter when the racks are adjusted.
  6. All workers should position their ladders adjacent to and as close as possible to their respective uprights. The closer the pipe is to your body, the less pressure it exerts on your back.
  7. All ladders should be inspected before use; for broken or missing rungs, steps, split side rails, or other defects. Tag and remove from service all defective ladders.
  8. Do not over reach on any ladder; move the ladder when needed.
  9. When ever possible, face the ladder when ascending or descending and maintain three points of contact.
  10. Wear clean, dry shoes with nonskid soles.
  11. Employees should communicate loudly with one another so that all personnel involved in the operation know if any difficulties are encountered.
  12. Once personnel are in place, the supervisor should communicate commands to the others as the pipe is carefully repositioned.
  13. Remove pipe (small screws located under side) from brackets and lower pipe to the floor.
  14. Loosen the U-bolts securing the support brackets to the vertical uprights. The nuts should be loose enough so that the brackets and clothing rod can move freely without allowing the nuts to fall off. U-bolts should only be removed when diagonal braces, or other bracket hardware impedes movement of the pipe. The U-bolts and brackets should be immediately secured once the obstacle is overcome.
  15. Grip the pipe firmly, tighten your abdomen, and use your legs to lift the pipe at a count with other workers such as a 1,2,3. While keeping your back straight, place the pipe on the already adjusted brackets. Use vise grips to help hold in place. One employee will begin replacing screws that were removed; all others will continue to support the pipe until all screws are replaced and supporting the pipe. Finish with the end brackets last.
  16. Once in the proper position, employees should indicate any changes in elevation or settings. Always give adequate warnings before setting your portion of the rod down and/or any changes in movement.
  17. Adjust and tighten the U-bolts if needed.